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Pinstripe Skull Dickies Jacket

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Image of Pinstripe Skull Dickies Jacket
  • Image of Pinstripe Skull Dickies Jacket


Please allow 1-2 weeks for all jacket orders. We do not keep these in stock and we do not stitch them until your order is placed.

In the "note section" of your order, you must tell us what color stitching you want on the Front & Back. In the picture of the jacket, the RED will be COLOR OPTION 1, the CHARCOAL will be COLOR OPTION 2. You can choose any color of thread you want from the list below. You can also view the picture. For the front, we need to know the NAME you want on it and thread color. If you do not specify a name, there WILL NOT be one. Thanks!

1. Hot Pink
2. Red
3. Orange
4. Neon Orange
5. Gold
6. Yellow
7. Neon Yellow
8. Neon Green
9. Lime Green
10. Green
11. Mint
12. Aqua
13. Neon Blue
14. Blue
15. Purple
16. Black
17. Charcoal
18. Copper
19. Brown
20. Tan
21. Silver
22. White